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In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that, the First China International Import Expo (the CIIE) will be held in Shanghai on November 5-10, 2018. The holding of the CIIE is a major initiative of China opening its market to the world, and a landmark event of China’s host diplomacy. As a Chinese commercial bank with over a century’s history of continuous operation and the highest degree of internationalization, BOC is fully aware of significance of the CIIE, and gives all-round boost to the completion, sucess and sustainability of the CIIE. 


· We provide professional financial services to support the CIIE to attract overseas exhibitors

Under the unified deployment of BOC Group and with a strong overseas customer base that export to China, BOC overseas institutions fully play their roles to solicit more than 1,400 overseas businesses.


· We assist in the preparation for multiple overseas promotion activities for the CIIE 

Since 2018, Ministry of Commerce and overseas embassies and consulates of China  have successively held the CIIE overseas promotion activities in such countries as France, Germany and Italy. BOC has organized its overseas institutions in these regions to give full play to the advantage of globalization and the leading role of overseas Chinese business associations to active action, proactive service and all-round boost to the successful holding of overseas promotion activities in 16 countries.


· We support the business attraction work of the CIIE and facilitate cross-border transactions

We provide exclusive financial services to 98 central enterprises according to their arrangements and service demands. .

We actively communicate with local business organizations, work together with them to hold group purchase promotion activities, go deep into contact with local group purchasers, and provide supporting financial services. 


BOC is fully aware of the importance of the CIIE, and will continue to take the advantage of collective operation and globalization to support the successful holding of the CIIE, so as to write a new chapter for China’s further opening-up, trade liberalization and economic globalization.