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Development Strategies
Strategic goals:
Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, our strategic goal is to build BOC into a world-class bank in the new era by persistently enabling advancement through technology, driving development through innovation, delivering performance through transformation and enhancing strength through reform.
The realization of our strategic goal requires a three-step approach. By 2020, when China completes the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the Bank will have further consolidated its development foundation, cemented its unique advantages, improved its systems and mechanisms, and enhanced its overall strength. By 2035, when China basically realizes modernization, the Bank will have transformed from a large, high-ranking bank to a strong, top-tier bank, thus becoming a world-class bank in the new era on all fronts. By 2050, the Bank will have become a "financial treasure" of a great modern socialist country, and will serve as a paragon of the global financial industry.
Strategic Implications
—Enable advancement through technology. We will quicken steps to build a digitalised bank that offers an excellent user experience, rich scenarios, smooth online-offline coordination and innovative and flexible products, backed by efficient operations and management and intelligent risk control. Leveraging our mobile banking channel, we will create an integrated mobile financial portal through which customers can access whatever they need, wherever they go, with a simple tap on their phone.
—Drive development through innovation. Keeping a close eye on the market trends and customer needs, we will accelerate innovation in technology, products and business. By adopting innovative and groundbreaking initiatives, we will strive to become a provider of high-quality financial services, a builder of connected platforms, a creator of data-driven value and a pioneer of intelligent services across the globe.
—Deliver performance through transformation. Centred on the demands of the real economy and the requirement for high-quality development, we will rapidly advance digital technologies, globalised businesses, integrated services, asset-light operations, and streamlined organisation. We will optimise the supply of financial resources, actively serve the "three critical battles", serve the development of the real economy, and foster a high-quality development model with great capacity for value creation and market competitiveness.
—Enhance strength through reform. We will raise awareness of current and potential challenges we face, maintain our strategic focus, and be more courageous in implementing the reform. We will promote the reform of mind-set, of the mechanism and of the organisation across the Bank, and thus gather the invincible force for our reform and development.
—Strengthen Party leadership and Party building at the Bank, and ensure full and strict governance over the Party organisations at the Bank so as to drive full and strict governance over the Bank. We will continuously improve our governance system and enhance our governance capabilities, thus providing strong impetus and strategic support to our objective of building a world-class bank in the new era.
Core Values
Responsibility, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Prudence, Performance
—Responsibility: We are always responsible to the state, the society, our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the Bank. We will step forward to perform our responsibilities, boldly take on challenges, and carry our missions through.
—Integrity: We abide by every commitment we have made, keep our words consistent with our actions, have an open mind, and adhere to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness.
—Professionalism: We always aim to endow ourselves with greater capability and competence, carry on our work in the spirit of craftsmanship and constantly pursue perfection.
—Innovation: We always move ahead, and never stand still. We will make daring explorations, learn from others, and proactively develop innovative ideas.
—Prudence: We firmly hold the bottom line for risk management, ensure compliance in our operations, and abide by the laws governing the development, in a bid to achieve sound growth over the long term.
—Performance: We evaluate performance by results and profitability, thus promoting sustainable growth.