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BOC Strengths

Global Network Advantage:

Up to now, BOC has set up nearly 600 overseas subsidiaries in 56 countries and regions outside Mainland China, including 23 countries along the “Belt and Road” region.


Foreign Trade Service Advantage:

BOC’s international settlement and cross-border RMB settlement has always been ranking the first in the industry; BOC provides settlement service support for nearly one third of China’s import and export business, and is therefore recognized as a major channel and service bank for domestic import trade settlement. 


Exhibition Experience Advantage:

As an official banking partner of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games & Paralympic Games and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics & Winter Paralympic Games, and a financial service provider of Canton Fair and Shanghai Fair, BOC has rich experience in hosting and organizing large events.


Outlet Service Advantage:

BOC Hongqiao Exhibition and Convention Center was specially set up in the National Exhibition and Convention Center, which covers an area of more than 2,800 m2, known as a banking outlet of the largest scale and the strongest comprehensive service capacity around the National Exhibition and Convention Center.